Is There Another Purpose


I am ready for restructuring, but it makes me uneasy when the same violence and forcing that created inequality is being used to restructure the disparity. Is that what it takes to dismantle racism, more pain, fear, and punishment? Maybe that is the only language that the system speaks.
Or perhaps, instead of assuming, I should ask “are people trying to create balance throughout, or is it about a personal agenda?” I suppose at one end it is a big purge; people want a change, we need to change. But what about the other purpose, the one where people are attacking the innocent: neighborhoods where people are without homes, small businesses, and the lively hoods of ordinary folk, forcing their agenda upon another?



Science is a tool for humanity and should not be used as a source to govern humanity. Using science to govern people is a mechanical system forced upon a living system. Humanity is an intelligent living system full of innovation, hence this newsletter, starting with Rachel Carson. #livingsystemawarness

Self-identity versus Mechanical Identity

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A courageous woman refuses to identify with the mechanically created identity. She stands in her powerful, purposeful truth of self-identity. #livingsystemawareness