Movement Journalism

A Letter

Dear Professor Singer,

I was tuning into the podcast View from Somewhere, listening to the topic “Movement Journalism” and it took me back to the class discussion about objectivity. Mr. Singer, when you first introduced the class to objectivity and movement journalism, I had thought that neutrality was movement journalism, but now I see it differently. 

I realize that objectivity is the mental view of journalism. Any new’s from an objective point-of-view comes from a mental perspective that shadows the human with ideologies, policy, and theory, for example. However, movement journalism offers the reader a sense of feeling, connecting the reader to the human having an experience, but that’s not all. Movement journalism also presents a critical analysis behind the experience people are having, which brings a balanced, living system component of vulnerability. 

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The photo you shared, Fire Escape Collapse, was also movement journalism. The photo exposed a vulnerable moment of two people plunging to their death due to lack of upkeep to the fire escape stairs. If the photo journalist would have hid the photo and offered only objective journalism, the mental dialogue would have discussed the landlord not following policy to check the safety of their building, and the human sufferings would go unrecognized by most. Mental dialogue loses the connection to what is vulnerable to us all, watching a woman and a child falling to their death from neglected safety equipment.  

We live in a world where the mental mind takes precedent over the feeling body, but it is our feeling body that connects us to matter and energy. Without the feeling body, things get taken, sacrificed, and exploited, but add the feeling body and you have vulnerability, a connection to caring for another. I have an understanding that to be a talented writer I have to connect to both my feeling body and mind. The combination allows me to open to a state of vulnerability to critical think through situations to write truth upon the pages. However, when writing is all mental, it lacks the malleability of change for myself and the reader. 

Life is but a paradox, and when we over polarize, we suffer together from the lack of the other. Life must balance within the torrent of the paradox, pulling both the mental and the feeling body into contemplation and feeling vulnerable moments. I think movement journalism offers just that, a place to unite for the good of us all so that change can take place.