Presidential Debate


Why isn’t there more description in a debate, maybe a graph or an example for everyone to see? When asked, what are you going to do with fracking or Obama care? Show us the thought out process, not just present an abstract idea, concrete that idea.

Ideas are nothing compared to a vision that has worked its way to paper, a computer, a slideshow. Please show me the steps, the timeframe, what does it look like smell like achieving the outcome. Fracking will be a process you say, completed by the end of 2025, but how do you propose to pull the tablecloth off the table without disturbing the dishes?

How do you propose to compliment Obama care or end Obama care? What is being added or replaced? Just saying some words, sharing an idea is nothing compared to the groundwork of concreting it with a timeline of bold words, numbers, and lit up background. Please show us the plan, give us a visual of the framework, slideshow us its existence.

Debates need to be more than talk; talk has nothing to do with doing. Please bring something to the table to show us the commitment, close of being something great; give us something sustainable instead of tickling our ears.