We Seem Divided But Our Innate Intelligence Is Trying to Pull us Into Balance.


People are saying, “I can no longer sacrifice my wellbeing for another.” They are suffering from mechanical protocol made to protect people from a virus. The people who speak out against the mechanical decisions are experiencing a natural living system pull to bring their living system back to balance. However, the mechanical system will not allow this, instilling a belief instead of self-organization.

Now we are falling further into artificial intelligence to manage a natural living system, separating us from relationships, caring for another, and allowing our natural resourceful innovation to overcome a life event. Artificial intelligence separates us from our natural birthright to self organize, express intelligently, and live in freedom. The separation from our natural living system tendencies brings depression and anger. People feel the need to fight, when pushed into fear, and make it seem like we are dividing. People are only trying to pull themselves back into balance from the mind over matter created unbalance.

 The unbalance is an emotional discrepancy from believing in a mechanical dialogue, and laying idle is the unused potential. Our potential is an interactive current of matter, energy that gathers information. It may be unpredictable, but people can self-correct intuitively. We are not being allowed, nor have we permitted ourselves to self-correct. Humans are part of a living system, a system more significant than ourselves. People can stabilize and maintain their own equilibrium, which is far more intelligent than science. We are nonlinear, an open system that changes with the ebb and flow of the currents. We are not the status quo; we are not machines but have a natural intelligence to maintain our balance through fluxes of energy.